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Obedience Classes


 It is NEVER to early or late to start training! 

Starting EARLY is easier. We can "mold' the puppy's behavior. Proper socializing, reinforcement of positive behaviors, and structure can all begin in a good obedience class.

It is up to YOU.... whether the behaviors that create the foundation of your pup's life with you are positive or negative.

Keep in mind a dog is NEVER too old to learn. It is not as easy as with puppies, because often we must change established behaviors and replace them with "desired" behaviors. 


All dogs of all ages benefit from training. They love having jobs, something to do. A dog that is ignored , or not directed, is a dog that is always seeking it's place in the pack. This can go two ways. The dog becomes ALPHA making its' owners life miserable or it becomes a nuisance, behaving with a mix of behaviors from not "listening" to becoming an insecure canine seeking constant attention (reassurance in its' status).

Any dog (as with people) wants and needs structure, guidelines, and rules to live by. If you do not establish these for your dog the dog will create their own.

We specialize in training YOU how to train YOUR dog with a positive program. We believe YOU need to be directly involved in your dog's training!! The team needs to learn together, grow together and understand together. More importantly the dog needs to respect YOU, the handler, not the class, the leash, or another dog.

You will also discover that a wonderful bond develops between you & your dog while training. You become ALPHA. You become structure, fun, and deserving of respect (in doggie language).

Each dog is different & their training  programs should be adapted for their personality & temperament.

Training should always be FUN & POSITIVE!!!

Email ( us today to start your dog training journey.

Please visit our "Member" page to view a schedule of class dates & times.


With a few short and fun classes you can learn the basics of how your dog thinks, behaves, and views the pure craziness of the Human Race.

We specialize in Canine Beginner classes where puppies from 10 weeks to  8 months of age learn to be well mannered members of the household. Early training is the single most important factor in your dog becoming a good companion. 

Novice obedience classes for dogs 6 months and older with the emphasis on daily living manners, is another fun and popular class . We believe that it is never too late to make your dog a better companion and renew that special bond.

Competition classes for those interested in earning titles on their dogs are also available.

We also offer athletic "performance" classes such as Agility, Tracking, & Rally.

We offer beginner classes in all our introductory formats that any dog of any age can enjoy as well as more advanced classes for those interested in competition.

For details on any of our classes, submit the form on this  page. 

We can also assist in directing you to private lessons for behavior consultations.  Contact us for details on this service.

Our guarantee is if you are not totally satisfied with your class experience we will work with you until you are satisfied. We have 25 years of experience in a great many areas of dog training, with many, many different breeds, and many, many happy customers. We hope to include you & your four legged partner as one of those.

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